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We're very happy to begin sharing our personal reviews of cigars, pipe tobacco and more in 2017. Here's what were smoking and our personal opinion on it. Enjoy!
Perla Del Mar Review

Cody reviews the brand new arrival to Goodfellas: Perla Del Mar Maduro

The Perla Del Mar Maduro is a nice dark and flavourful cigar, utilizing 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos produced by JC Newman. Sporting a dark Connecticut broadleaf wrapper to stand apart from its Connecticut shade brother. The cigar is slightly box-pressed, adding a nice aesthetic to the cigars appeal and the wrapper is uniform with minimal veins.

The cigar exudes pleasant sweet cocoa scents and a slight hint of spice, with a touch of molasses. Cutting is effortless and the draw is perfect with only a bit of tug to it. Nice sweet flavours on the prelight draw, almost like milk chocolate.

First Third
After an easy light, I am greeted with a nice deep and rich earthy spice accompanied by a sweet leather and cedar on the palate. The aroma of the cigar is pleasant and robust, very woodsy. The texture of the smoke is creamy and smooth. Nice hint of red pepper sweetness on the finish and the burn is uniform.

Second Third
Flavours begin to get bolder and more rich, with the spice taking the forefront of the experience. A nice amount of black pepper flavours coat the tongue and levels back into a nice sweet and spicy cedar. Much of the same, but bolder like a deep dark coffee. Slight hint of mineral flavors on the finish.

Final Third
The cigar completely opens up, revealing all of its riches. Now taking the forefront is a deep rich earth almost like a dark espresso, with the pleasant cocoa flavors to accompany it. The finish is now deep in leather and very smooth with the spice.

Final Thoughts
Smoked down to the nub, this cigar is very pleasant and not too strong for the avid cigar enthusiast. The cigar is full bodied but not too much so, and is very relaxed on the spice but offers consistent cocoa flavours throughout. A nice creamy texture lasts the whole cigar making for an easy smoking experience for all. Overall, any lover of a maduro can get into this cigar and should be able to greatly enjoy it, especially if you love the original Perla Del Mar and are looking for something with noticeable more depth and boldness. A great cigar and very well constructed, as expected from JC Newman and their creations!


Reviewed by Cody Hall, staff member at Goodfellas. Available at our Downtown location. Reviewed May, 2017.

Alec Bradley Coyol

Sporting unique tobaccos from the Trojes region in Honduras and a double binder, including Nicaraguan tobacco as well, the Coyol is truly a very interesting cigar. Using tobacco exclusive to the Coyol farm in Honduras, a great blend was made for the eager cigar enthusiast and provides a new experience for those looking for a new taste to explore. Rich in oils and medium bodied this should be pleasant to most enthusiasts.


The cigar is slim and wrapped delicately, with a slightly spotty wrapper indicating the tobacco is rich with oils. Very sweet earthy scents are all over the cigar, and the cigar is uniform with minimal veins. After cutting the cap and testing the draw it presents typical sweet cedar and earth flavors. Great draw with some tug though.

First Third

Upon lighting, the cigar produces a fantastic aroma that is sweet and slightly floral. Initial flavors are a sweet leather and a very light cedar. Finish is very earthy and settles on the palate, but sweet and rather pleasant.

Second Third

The cigar remains much of the same with the earth toning down and the spice ramping up. The flavors are meshing into a very nice sweet yet savory assortment of spices, and on the finish there is now a slight citrus sweetness reminiscent of mangoes or papaya.

Final Third

The final third of the cigar becomes full and bold. Spice is abundant and leather coat the palate. The spice is similar to cracked white pepper and very savory. The citrus on the finish of the second third is now present in the body of the cigar itself and makes for an interesting experience, makes for a tangy sweet flavor which is very unique.

Final Thoughts

Having enjoyed the cigar to the bitter end, this cigar is very unique with its flavors and stands out from Alec Bradley’s other lines. The citrus flavors that bring out a fruitiness are truly what set this cigar apart aside from its attractive wrapper and unique tobaccos. The cigar stayed even with the burn the whole time and the ash never fell off before desired, very well constructed. This cigar is definitely for those looking for something different than more typical and common flavours. Very delicious and medium to full bodied, which should be able to be enjoyed by any bold enthusiast looking for something new to puff on!

Reviewed by Cody Hall, staff member at Goodfellas. Available at Royal Oak & Downtown. Reviewed April 7th, 2017