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Goodfellas Shisha & Hookah Accessories

El Nakhla

Hookahs & Accessories

Due to legal changes in certain provinces in Canada in regards to flavoured tobacco, the national distributors of Al Fakher and El Nakhla have stopped importing their shisha tobacco into Canada. Unfortunately they will no longer be available in Canada.

Al Fakher
Sorry folks, we're all out of Al Fakher, with no sign of it being available again. Complain to your provincial government in Ontario, Nova Scotia & Quebec.

Al Fakher shisha offers very high quality tobacco infused with intense flavours that burn smooth and rich for the duration of your session. They ensure that only high grade tobaccos get included in their blends that are completely free of stems. Produced in the United Arab Emirates.

Sorry folks, we're all out of Al Fakher, with no sign of it being available again. Complain to your provincial government in Ontario, Nova Scotia & Quebec.

Nakhla produces some of the most popular Hookah tobaccos the world over. Manufactured since 1913 in Egypt, they have a wide range of flavours that can be simple but perfect (tasty raspberry) or more daring and unique (the floral perfumy rose). Worth noting, is there two main bases: Their traditional lines are made in the same tradiotional fashion with molassses. Their Mizo flavours are made with honey in place of molasses and burn wonderfully smooth.

Nakhla Banana


Starbuzz was one of the first American boutique shisha makers to enter the world. They specialize in flavour concoctions that push the boundaries, and your taste buds, to new frontiers. Their flavours tend to be very intense and a combination of a variety of elements.


Blackberry tastes like a sweet fruit wrapped in a touch of sour flavor and being inhaled smoothly out of your hookah.

Blue Mist

Blue Mist from Starbuzz is refined and one of the smoothest flavors you will ever smoke. It’s a flavor similar to cotton candy and will explode with a thick flavorful smoke. Very popular variety.

Blue Surfer

Treat yourself to an island get away all from the comfort of your own hookah. Delicious blend of exotic tropical fruits coupled with a cooling undertone, Blue Surfer is a perfect way to taste the waves without getting wet.

Citrus Mint

Citrus Mint takes the soft cooling mist of citrus and spikes it with a pinch of mint.

Coco Jumbo

Cocojumbo® is a delicious mix of both coconut and lime will make smoking this feel like your on a beach in the Caribbean.

Code 69

Code 69 is a Vegas night gift wrapped in hookah smoke and a cool fruit punch flavor mixed with thick clouds of tart citrus. An innocently wild but refined taste.

Double Apple

Classic double apple taste, with black licorice riding in the forefront.

Fuzzy Lemonade

Fuzzy Lemonade is a distorted fruity flavor with a strong lemon mist. It’s a refined more advanced version of Lemon.

Hard Rush

Hard Rush™ combines a generous amount of delicious fruit flavors with a unique hit of Winter Fresh Mint.


Tart and tangy with a juicy sweetness, Starbuzz® Grapefruit offers the perfect balance, as you would taste from a curiously delicious ruby red.

Lady in Red (Starbuzz Bold)

Be seduced by the tantalizing light notes of cherry combined with a refreshing rose water flavor. Every lady has a wild side.

Melon Blue

Melon Blue is making heads turn and mouths water. Sweet and smooth, this flavor will rock your world!

Pina Colada

Starbuzz Piña Colada is a sweet yet dry hookah flavor. Controlled pineapple, coconut and vanilla overtures make a sweet Hookah flavor stay perfectly balanced and easily smoked.


A delicious combination of Raspberry with a creminess that will delight.

Pirate's Cave

A very strong lemon-lime flavor, Pirate’s Cave has a worldwide fan club. It’s as sweet as it is tangy.

Royal Grape

Royal Grape from Starbuzz is the most smoke-able grape flavour available from any hookah company. It's one of the hardest hitting buzz flavours with a real sweet powerful hookah taste.

Sex on the Beach

Sex On The Beach® combines lemons, oranges and a slight citrus combination to make a refreshing vibrant and alive taste for your hookah.


Starbuzz Strawberry is a beautifully smooth flavour with rich flowing tastes. Realistic taste concentrates on the sensation you get when biting into a strawberry.


Watermelon and smoke is always a tasty combination, and Watermelon Starbuzzs shisha tobacco  lives up to this axiom. Fruity and delicious, this hookah tobacco doesn't disappoint. 

White Peach

White Peach is perfectly crafted. Savor the white peach richness as the luscious shisha replicates the peach delicacy. A delightful summer Hookah flavor.

White Mint

WStarbuzz presents another quality flavour from its BOLD Line of Shisha Flavour. Your taste buds will be frozen from the ice cold frost of White Mint, the perfect balance between a unique sweetness and intensity.



Goodfellas has both your quick-lite and all natural coal options in store, for working your hookah just how you like.

Three Kings Charcoal briquettes have been made in Holland since 1936. Using only the best ingredients combined with the almost 80-year old production techniques, Three Kings charcoal briquettes ignite easily, are odorless and have a smooth, long and even burn. Three Kings charcoal is internationally recognized for its consistent quality and dependability.

Quick-light 33 mm

Three Kings is best known for its quick lighting charcoal briquettes. Lasts for between 30 and 60 minutes. Ready for use after 2 minutes. Made of high quality European hard wood. Can be lit with any strength of flame.

Quick-light 40 mm

Three Kings is best known for its quick lighting charcoal briquettes. Lasts for between 30 and 60 minutes. Ready for use after 2 minutes. Made of high quality European hard wood.

A nature friendly product which is 100% natural, long lasting, economical to use, tasteless and odourless. It is a Lebonese company, and the coals are produced in Indonesia.

Coco Mazaya Small Pack

Coco Mazaya coals come in boxes of 24 pieces. The charcoal is cube shaped, measuring 23mm x 23mm. They contain no sulphur and provide a very clean burn. Made from coconut shells and require high heat (stove top) to be ignited.

Coco Nara Coconut Charcoals

Coconara is 100% natural hookah charcoals and is made from compressed coconut shell. Eco-friendly, tasteless and burn up to 60 minutes. You can light these coals on a stovetop or an electric coil burner. It takes around 5-8 minutes to completely light and glow red. Coconara has been ranked as the number one natural coals of choice for many hookah lovers.

Available in 20 pieces and 120 pieces boxes.



We currently have a nice variety of hookahs, from smaller portable ones to higher quality, better crafted premium hookahs. We'll have our selection updated online soon. Brands including Khalil Maamoon, Pharoahs and more.


Hookah Accessories

Goodfellas has everything you need to outfit your hookah properly, replace parts or upgrade it for an even better smoke.

Bowl Regular

The classic ceramic clay bowl. We always have a variety of colours in stock.

Bowl Large

The classic ceramic bowl in a larger format. Great for long smokes, with a number of people. Available in a variety of colours.

Bowl with Cover

This bowl comes with an attached top cover that can be latched down. A metal screen to separate the shisha from the coal is included. Great to protect from the wind if smoking outside, or to ensure that the coal won't be knocked to the floor home. Available in a variety of colours.

Bowl Vortex

The vortex is an attempt to improve upon the traditional bowl. The air holes are located on a cone in the middle of the bowl, ensuring good air flow and that they don't become clogged when packing.

Brush for Pipe

There is no better way to clean the down stem of your hookah, than a dedicated bristle brush. Effectively remove all build up, for a cleaner, fresher smoke.

Brush for Vase

Get into every tough spot to reach with a wide bristle brush to clean your base vase. A metal stem can be bent to angle it into each area.

Hose Pharaoh Regular

The pharaoah hose is simple in design and well made. Leather binding and wood handles provide an easy and attractive solution for your hookah. It measures * in length. Available in a variety of colours (everything from pink to purple).

Hose Cloisonne

When you're looking to upgrade the style and look of your hookah, the decorative cloisonne hoses feature long handles with ornamentation for a fancier look. Available in a variety colours.

Hose Washable

An Egyptian style washable hose that you can put in your dish wahser or rinse with water to remove any ghosting taste left over from strong flavours. They feature a large handle with fluffy pom pom.

Pharaoh Hose Adaptor Small

The Pharaoh hookahs we carry can be upgraded from 1 hose to as many as 4. This is the smaller style adaptor.

Pharaoh Hose Adaptor Large

The Pharaoh hookahs we carry can be upgraded from 1 hose to as many as 4. This is the larger style adaptor.

Bowl Seal

We have a variety of sizes of bowl seals if you need to replace a missing or worn out one.

Hose Seal

We have a variety of sizes of hose grommets if you need to replace a missing or worn out one.

Metal Top Screen

A great way to avoid having to use tin foil to separate the shisha from the coal. Place on the bowl and bend the portruding tabs downward to tighten the seal. Re-usable with cleaning.


For the more germ minded people of the world, or in large groups, pick up some plastic tips to attach to the metal tip of the hose, so each person has their own tip, clean from any other persons saliva. We have regular and large size tips in a variety of colours.

Tongs Regular

The classic tong. Simple and effective. Ready for a fresh pair?

Tongs Fancy

Something a little bit more elegant for your tong needs. However with the increased style, some functionality is lost, as they have less effective gripping power, which can be an issue with round shaped coals.

Wind Cover

When smoking outside, it is important to protect the charcoal so it is not over heated, and the burn accelerated, by the breeze in the air. Keeps your shisha burnin smooth in all conditions.